Information about 3D-Micromac AG

3D-Micromac AG was founded in 2002 by Tino Petsch and Jens Hänel with six employees in Chemnitz, Germany. Since then the company has experienced continuous growth to meanwhile more than 140 employees.

Since its founding in 2002, 3D-Micromac AG has gained an established position as one of the leading suppliers of laser micromachining systems with sales and service partners in North America, Asia and Europe.

3D-Micromac AG offers optimal coating and printing technologies combined with highly precise laser processes, different drying, annealing and pre-treatment steps as well as the encapsulation of the finished end product for the production of electronics on flexible substrates, for example organic solar cells, light-emitting diodes or displays, printed batteries, flexible PCBs or RFID antennas.