Co-Up! project’s international seminar in Konkuk University, Korea

The seventh project meeting was also organized as an international seminar in Konkuk University on May 9th 2016 with around 15 participants including 2 guests from German side (Technische Universität Chemnitz and Fraunhofer ENAS) and 2 guests from the Korean industrial company Miru Systems Co., Ltd..

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Figure 1. Participants in the Co-Up! project’s international seminar in Konkuk University, Korea (photo: Janghoon Park)

The seminar started with the warm welcoming from Prof. Kee-Hyun Shin from Konkuk University to all the participants. As the first speaker, Prof. Baumann from Technische Universität Chemnitz gave an interesting talk about “Digital Fabrication of Printed Smart Objects”. The first part of the seminar was closed with Prof. Shin’s talk concerning “Roll-to-Roll Additive Manufacturing Business” in Toba Co., Ltd. in Seoul. In the second part of the seminar, Dr. Willert from Fraunhofer ENAS presented about the “Printed Antenna Systems” which is an effective application in flexible printed electronics area. In addition to the talks of the professors and participants, an important topic about preparing and submitting a proposal for the 3rd German-Korean Call for Proposals of Joint R&D Projects was also discussed at this seminar. This proposal for the next 3 years cooperation is considered as the important outcome from the German-Korean cooperation in Co-Up! project. It is built up as a higher level of cooperation among partners from both countries. 

(Author: Anh-Tuan Tran-Le)