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Digitalization of Print - Exchanging Ideas Across Generations



After cities like Grenoble, Stockholm, Montreal and Budapest iarigai has come to Chemnitz for its 40th conference anniversary. Under the theme “Digitalization of Print – Exchanging Ideas Across Generations” the event is co-located with the 5th Printing Future Days 2013, the bi-annual international scientific conference on print and media technology for junior scientists and PhD students.

On Sunday afternoon, the iarigai conference was officially opened by Anne Blayo, president of iarigai, Mladen Lovrecek, secretary general, and conference director Reinhard R. Baumann, TU Chemnitz and Fraunhofer ENAS. After a warm welcome they revealed how both conferences will complement one another in the coming days. Especially, on Wednesday the joint high-level keynote session with high-level industrial speakers, and the dedicated panel discussion as well as the poster session on Tuesday and Wednesday will bring all attendees together creating a unique networking environment.

Collage iarigai DAY 1 welcome addresses

Welcome addresses from Anne Blayo, president of iarigai, and conference director Reinhard R. Baumann, TU Chemnitz and Fraunhofer ENAS (from left to right).

Welcome addresses were given by Heinrich Lang, Technische Universität Chemnitz, and Katja Uhlemann, City of Chemnitz. Both expressed what a great honor it is for Chemnitz and its University to host such a renowned, anniversary conference.

In the first technical presentation of the afternoon, Arved Huebler, Institute for Print and Media Technology at Technische Universität Chemnitz, shared his vision about printing being the dominant production technology for electronics during his talk on “Graphic arts technologies – Education in change”.  

After the introduction of the new iarigai member ogranizations, the Polytechnic of Zagreb, Croatia, and the STOU - Sukhohtai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand, the program of the opening day continued with a first “Printed Functionality” session starting with the invited opening presentation on “Digital fabrication of smart objects based on printing technologies” from Reinhard R. Baumann, TU Chemnitz and Fraunhofer ENAS. The following presentations covered design rules checking for printed electronic devices, and an optical surface characterization method of silicone layers.

At the end of the day, the iarigai attendees gathered in the Gunzenhauser museum and art gallery for the welcome cocktails drinks reception.

Collage iarigai DAY 1 Gunzenhauser

Welcome cocktails drinks reception in the Gunzenhauser museum and art gallery. Welcome address from Anne Blayo, president of iarigai (top right).




The second day of the 40th iarigai conference started with a plenary session on “Special printing applications”, including talks on raised printing for the visually impared, printed 2D code, and integration of printing in the injection molding process.

Later in the morning the program continued with two parallel sessions. The first of which on “Printed Functionality”, covered a wide variety of printed devices, including primary batteries, DSSC solar cells, pressure sensors, and antennas as well as printing technologies for pyrotechnic devices.

Bilder iarigai DAY 2

Iarigai Day 2 impressions – L. Chagas, R. Chung, A. Pekarovicova and A. Willert (top left to right).

In the parallel “Materials and Printing” session the topics of the given talks varied from interaction of printing material and print-unit to surface preparation and curing methods.

In the evening of the second day, the official opening ceremony of the Printing Future Days 2013 started with the welcome speech from Prof. Dr. Reinhard R. Baumann (TU Chemnitz, Fraunhofer ENAS). After presentations from Sven Michael, Koenig & Bauer AG,  and Dr.-Ing. Jenz Otto, Technologie Centrum Chemnitz, the evening continued under the motto “OPEN CAMPUS” with guided tours that allowed a close look into the laboratories and facilities of the University campus and the Smart Systems Campus.

Bilder PFD opening KBA TCC

Presentations on Open Campus Event – Sven Michael, KBA, and Dr.-Ing. Jenz Otto, TCC.

Attendees of the guided tours had the chance to see equipment and machines for Printed Electronics manufacture – Institute for Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, 3D Micromac, start-up center, Fraunhofer ENAS – as well as novel and intelligent lightweight components manufacture – Chemnitz University of Technology, Excellence Cluster MERGE.


Tour impressions – Start-up Center, TUC Institute of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology, 3D Micromac (Top row left to right), Fraunhofer ENAS, Start-up Center, TUC Institute for Print and Media Technology (Bottom row left to right).

Over the next two days the more than 200 attendees of both conference will have the full benefit of joint keynote presentations and plenary sessions that offer a unique platform for scientific exchange and networking.




The morning sessions of the third iarigai conference day were filled with interesting presentations under the two topics “Flexography” and “Media Development”. Discussed topics in the latter included eBook and tablet related media development, social media and online newspapers, packaging design, and consumer perception. The “Flexography” session included presenations on structured application for etching resist, printing conductive lines, flexographic post-printing, influence of the plate material, and others more. In parallel, the bi-annual Printing Future Days (PFD) conference was officially opened by Thomas Lampke (TU Chemnitz), Anne Blayo (iarigai) and Pia Sachs (City of Chemnitz). Now in its 5th year the event is co-located with the 40th conference of iarigai, the International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries. Both anniversaries held in one place offer a unique platform for scientific exchange and networking.

2013 09 102

Anne Blayo, president of iarigai, conference director Reinhard R. Baumann, TU Chemnitz and Fraunhofer ENAS, and Frank Siegel, TU Chemnitz, from the conference irganization team (from left to right).

At the end of the morning sessions the Interactive Poster Session of the Printing Future Days was opened. Over the next days the conference attendees have the chance to nominate the best poster for the bi-annual Printing Future Days Best Poster Award, which will be awarded on the last conference day.

2013 09 10 Poster Session CEWE

Interactive Poster Session (left), and conference speaker Matthias Hausmann, CEWE Color AG.

The day continued with the afternoon session “The Process Perspective” with interesting talks on the aspects of the production and product cycle including prepress, full production, and the environmental aspects of product life cycle. To complete the third conference day filled with excellent presentations, and to continue the scientific exchange and networking, the conference dinner  - the conference highlight - was held at the LUXOR – the new Congress and Convention Center in Chemnitz. Part of the evening program was the iarigai awards ceremony. The award for the best conference presentation was given to Marko Illing, Institute for Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology, for his talk on “Development of a printed pressure sensor for plantar foot pressure measurement”. At the dinner a big birthday cake was served for the celebration of the anniversary conferences. 

2013 09 10 Conference Dinner

Impressions Conference Dinner at LUXOR Congress and Convention Center – Top right: Marko Illing, pmTUC, receives the Best Presentation Award from Anne Blayo, iarigai.




The final conference day was opened by joint keynote presentations of the 40th International Research Conference of the iarigai organization and the Printing Future Days 2013. Internationally recognized industry players reflected on the future of the printing industry, followed by a panel discussion about "Digitalization of Print – Exchanging Ideas Across Generations".

2013 09 11 keynotes

Keynote speakers Michael Kiy from Vistaprint, Beatrice Klose from Intergraf, and Robert Weiss from Schreiner Group (from left to right).

First, Michael Kiy from Vistaprint, Swizerland, shared “10 key success factors to lead the web-to-print market”. This was followed by a critical reflection on “The graphic industry in times of change – make print and digital media coexist” presented by Beatrice Klose from Intergraf, Brussels. Similarly, Robert Weiss from Schreiner Group, shared ongoing mutual influences between the two. “Future challenges for printed antennas” was the topic of Carsten Nieland from Smartrac, The Netherlands, and “The trends in newspaper production” were addressed by Moritz Schwarz from WAN-IFRA, France.

2013 09 11 panel discussion

Panel discussion on "Digitalization of Print – Exchanging Ideas Across Generations".

During the panel discussion interesting new aspects such as the security issues of online media and banking, for example, as well as difficulties of securely and accessibly archiving data for a very long time were addressed. It was concluded that these new aspects will impact the digitalization trend and might even lead the focus back to printed versions in certain areas. Anne Blayo, president of iarigai, concluded this last morning session with a sincere thank-you to the organizing team of the Technische Universität Chemnitz, lead by Reinhard R. Baumann. In total, the panel discussion attracted more than 100 attendees. The iarigai conference with its diverse programm, containing over 50 presentations on Printed Functionality, Special Printing Applications, Materials & Printing, Media Development, Flexography and The Process Perspective, was honored as successful and innovative event due to the concept of co-organization with the 5th Printing Future Days. Also very well received were the five keynote speaches followed by a panel discussion, likewise a brand-new concept this year.

Finally, the iarigai flag was given to Timothy C. Claypole from University of Wales, the organizers of next year’s conference which will take place in September 2014 in Swansea.

2013 09 11 Swansea

Timothy C. Claypole from University of Wales receives the iarigai flag an introduces Swansea and the concept for next year’s conference (right).