Conference program

Your can download the PDF of the conference program including further information here.


   Day 1 - Sunday, 8 September 2013


Opening session


Opening of the conference
Anne Blayo, president of iarigai; Reinhard R. Baumann, conference director


Welcome Adresses - Chemnitz University of Technology (Heinrich Lang) and City of Chemnitz (Katja Uhlemann


Graphic arts technologies - education in change.
Arved C. Hübler
Chemnitz University of Technology


Introduction of new members


Journal of Print and Media Research (JPMTR) - promotion of the journal
Nils Enlund


Coffee break


Invited opening presentation
Digital fabrication of smart objects based on printing technologies.
Reinhard R. Baumann
Chemnitz University of Technology, Fraunhofer ENAS


Plenary session 1 - Printed functionality 1
Chair: Anne Blayo


Design rules checking for printing electronic devices: concept, generation and usage.
Carrabina, J., Teres, LI., Ramon, E., Vila, F., Martinez, C.


Optical surface characterization method of silicone layers used for manufacturing of dielectric elastomer actuators.
Haas, M., Sauer, H. M., Dörsam, E.


Invitation to the 40th IC conference Athens, Greece
Politis, A.



18:30 - Welcome cocktails at Gunzenhauser Museum (Bus shuttle available)



   Day 2 - Monday, 9 September 2013


Plenary session 2 - Special printing applications
Chair: Edgar Dörsam


Integration of printing technologies in the injection molding process.
Böddicker, A., Wetzold, N., Hübler, A., Fügmann, U., Kalinowska, A., Härtig, T., Gehde, M., Magerle, R., Spitzner, E.-C.


Raised printing used as a connection between art and people who are blind and visually impaired.
Krivec, T., Muck, T., Fugger, R., Starešinič, M., Urbas, R., Golob, G.


Characterization of a printed 2D code by image analysis.
Chagas, L., Reverdy-Bruas, N., Pflimlin, M., Passas, R.


Coffee break


Session 3 A - Printed functionality 2
Chair: Ulrike Herzau-Gerhardt

Session 3 B - Materials and printing 1
Chair: Csaba Horváth


Tailored printed primary battery system developed
for a diagnostic system.
Willert, A., Helmert, M., Chikushi, N., Espig, M., Baumann, R.

The impact of paper on tone value increase in heatset web offset (HSWO).
Klein, R., Meder, G., Höhne, O., Tomaszewski, J.


Development of a fully printed flexible battery on a 
roll-to-roll printing press.
Saidi, A., Picard, G., Canet, C., Lanthier, C., Lebreux, J.-D.

Effects of paper and printing press variability on the dynamics of linting.
Batchelor, W., Lestiani, R., Banham, P.


Printed DSSC solar cell with UV cured barrier layer.
Syrovy, T., Hatala, M., Drzkova, M., Syrova, L.

Investigation into the causes of marbling on PVC printed with water-based inks.
Quesne, B., Reverdy-Bruas, N., Beneventi, D., Chaussy, D.


Printing technologies for pyrotechnic devices - a design study.
Weiß, U., Espig, M., Helmert, M., Weise, D., Baumann, R.

Simultaneous determinations of absorption mottle and white-top mottle at the same location on coated boards.
Yang, L., Thorman, S., Hagberg, A.




Session 4 A - Printed functionality 3
Chair: Georg Schmidt

Session 4 B - Materials and printing 2
Chair: Wolfgang Faigle


Planar 17 GHz band-pass filter manufactured by inkjet printing.
Sette, D., Blayo, A., Poulain, C., Mercier, D.

Investigation of vibrations of the printing unit of a sheetfed offset printing press and their influence on the streaking phenomenon.
Krzyżkowski, J., Pyryev, Y.


Development of a printed pressure sensor for plantar foot pressure measurement.
Illing, M., Krumm, D.

Optimization of the quantity of two-component primary lacquer to be applied to the gravure printing technology.
Szentgyörgyvölgyi, R., Novotny, E., Horvath, C.


Printing GHz antenna pattern on flexible substrates for the measurement of intelligent light-weight structures.
Ueberfuhr, P., Siegel, F., Großmann, T., Gaitzsch, M., Kurth, S., Baumann, R.

Improving the assessment of geometrical print image fidelity: example using wide-format inkjet prints on various substrates.
Habekost, M., Atkinson, R.


Simulation of a print head for electrically conductive inks. 
Selbmann, K.-H., Güdel, M.



Coffee break 


Session 5 A - Color and reproduction
Chair: Andreas Willert

Session 5 B - Materials and printing 3
Chair: Fons Put


Review and analysis of the spectral characterization models and halftoning for multichannel printing.
Slavuj, R., Nussbaum, P., Hardeberg, J.

Novel surface preparation concept for improved deinking: bringing digital, functional and water-based prints into the mainstream recycling process.
Gane, P.


A comparison of current approaches to predict the influence of fluorescent brightening agents.
Bohn, D., Dattner, M., Böhme., F.

UV LED curing of clear varnish.
Schär, M.


Matching proof and print under the influence of OBA.
Chung, R.

Artifical aging of outdoor prints.
Borbely, A., Szentgyörgyvölgyi, R., Horvath, C.


Ink film opacity from reflectance and transparency.
Pekarovicova, A., Seth, G., Fleming, P., Lovell, V.




                                            OPEN CAMPUS EVENT

                                            18:00 - 18:15 Welcome Address Printing Future Days and Open campus event opening (Reinhard R. Baumann)

                                            18:30 - 18:50 How does KBA see the printing world - isn't it all digital? (Sven Michael, Koenig & Bauer AG)

                                            18:55 - 19:15 Starting technology-based company in Chemnitz (Jenz Otto, TCC)

                                            19:30 - 22:00 Guided tours on Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz



   Day 3 - Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Session 6 A - Flexography 1
Chair: Gorazd Golob

Session 6 B - Media development 1
Chair: Anu Seisto


Flexography as a structured application method for etching resist.
Ranfeld, C., Dörsam, E., Sauer, H. M.

User evaluation of eBook service in Finnish public library.
Nurmi, O.


The effects of engagement and image carrier profile on the printing of conductive lines by flexography.
Claypole, T. C., Hamblyn, S., Gethin, D.

The development of an improved speed of reading test for measuring legibility.
Kraft, S., Reiche, M., Tillmann, D.


The influence of defects in flexographic post-printing of corrugated board on register control.
Happel, K., Ranfeld, C., Dörsam, E., Euler, T., Walther, T.

EPUB 3 on current e-readers-drawbacks and oppurtunities.
Nikolaus, U., Götz, C.


The effect plate exposure on the halftone ink transfer in flexographic printing.
Hamblyn, S., Davies, G., Gethin, D., Claypole, T. C.

Agile development of tablet newspaper concept.
Juhola, H., Helle, M., Heikkilä, H.


Coffee break


Session 7 A - Flexography 2
Chair: Timothy C. Claypole

Session 7 B - Media development 2
Chair: Nils Enlund


Influence of print speed on uniformity of flexographic ink layer thickness.
Dimitriev, Y., Moginov, R.

Comparing media use habits in Finland and Germany.
Seisto, A., Viljakainen, A., Kirchner, J., Höflich, J.


Effect of under print on subsequently printed colours in UV flexo.
Beynon, D., Claypole, T. C. 

How Swedish online newpapers respond to the increased significance of social media.
Teljas, C.


Evaluation of quality of flexographic print with UV inks on PLA film.
Izdebska, J.

The consumer perception on AR applications in Finland and Canada.
Mensonen, A., Lumby, N., Aikala, M.


Influence of flexographic plate material on ink film splitting.
Claypole, T., Galton, D., Deganello, D.

Familiarity and color effects on consumer reactions to packaging design.
Nikolaus, U., Geißler, U.


Lunch & opening of interactive poster session Printing Future Days


Plenary session 8 - The process perspective
Chair: Arved C. Hübler


Modeling the process of transformation of text and graphic information in prepress.
Gurieva, N., Gubnytska, I., Robles Francia, H.


An innovative project management method for a newspaper printing press installation during full production.
Stenberg, J.


Potential cost reductions driven by management tools at a packaging printer.
Horvath, C., Vandra, Z., Szentgyörgyvölgyi, R.


A life cycle approach to environmental aspects in the printing and packaging industry.
Radermacher, K., Jung, U. , Marzinkowski, J.


Coffee break


General Assembly (appointed representatives only)


Board meeting (members only)



19:30 - Conference dinner 




   Day 4 - Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Keynote session & panel discussion (jointly with Printing Future Days)
Chairs: Anu Seisto & Reinhard R. Baumann


The 10 key success factors of Vistaprint to lead the web-to-print market. 
Michael Kiy, Vistaprint, Winterthur 


The graphic industry in times of change - make print and digital media coexist.
Beatrice Klose, Intergraf, Brussels


The ongoing mutual influences between digital printing and the printing industry. 
Robert Weiss, Schreiner Group, Munich


Coffee break


Future challenges for printed antennas from a volume manufacturer point of view.
Carsten Nieland, Smartrac, Amsterdam


Trends in newspaper production.
Moritz Schwarz, WAN-IFRA, Paris-Darmstadt


Panel discussion: Digitalization of Print - Exchanging Ideas Across Generations
Moderators: Anu Seisto & Reinhard R. Baumann


Closing of the conference


Wrap up
Reinhard R. Baumann, conference director and Anne Blayo, president of iarigai


41st International research conference, Swansea, September 2014
Presentation by the University of Wales (Timothy C. Claypole)


Lunch & interactive Poster session Printing Future Days



Optical surface characterization method of silicone layers used for manufacturing of dielectric elastomer actuators.
Haas, M., Sauer, H. M., Dörsam, E.