Open Campus


18:00 - 18:15 Welcome Address Printing Future Days and Open campus event opening (Reinhard R. Baumann)

18:30 - 18:55 How does KBA see the printing world - isn't it all digital? (Sven Michael, Koenig & Bauer AG)

18:55 - 19:15 Starting technology-based company in Chemnitz (Jenz Otto, TCC)

19:00 - 22:00 Guided tours on Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz



The Open Campus event will take place on Monday, 9 September 2013. This is the first time when two different generations meet each other, because the Open Campus event will be also the welcome of the Printing Future Days 2013 participants. During this event, we are looking forward to intersting discussions and exchange between generations while having some drinks and fresh snacks from the buffet. KBA and TCC will give a presentation during the Open Campus event.All attendees are welcome to join guided lab tours on the Smart Systems Campus. The tours will start after 19:00 and we provide insights into systems, machinery and companies located on the campus. Among other, following labs are on the list:


Professorship Digital Printing and Imaging Technology - Inkjet-Technikum and modular systems

  • different systems from single-nozzle to industrially, sheet or web-fed printing machines
  • a modular system that employs inkjet, gravure and screen printing units in one system primarily used for deposition of functional materials on various substrates, such as paper and foil

Professorship Print & Media Technology - pmTUC

  • adapted mass printing techniques for printed electronics, e.g. offset, gravure, flexo, screen and pad printing
  • device design and modeling, circuit design and simulation, online and offline measurement and characterization
  • formulation and adaption of functional inks based on electrically conductive, semiconductive, dielectric and piezoelectric polymers and nano materials

Printservice – Print Shop of the Technische Universität

  • state-of-the-art digital and traditional printing equipment
  • pre- and post-printing systems

Chemnitz Fraunhofer ENAS – applied research in the field of systems integration using micro and nano technologies

  • the department of „Printed Functionalities“ employs traditional and digital printing processes, focusing on drop-on-demand inkjet and screen printing for the manufacture of printed batteries, antennas, microsieves etc.

3D-Micromac AG - First Choice in Micromachining

  • customized and highly efficient state-of-the-art laser micromachining systems and innovative coating and printing technologies for the digital fabrication of flexible electronics
  • processing methods realized with the laser systems include micro drilling, signing, cutting, 2D and 3D structuring, welding as well as marking of different materials and thin films
  • modular production systems work from roll-to-roll and can machine different substrates based on polymers, paper or metal foil

Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology

  • extrusion: demonstration of an extrusion system for strand pelletizing; individual components and technical possibilities for custom compounding of application-adapted plastics
  • injection molding: demonstration of an injection molding system capable of processing multiple plastic components