The Printing Future Days are a scientific conference for junior scientists to present results of their scientific works during the studies and PhD work. Over the years the number of contributions in the conference increased, which represents the reputation and perception of the Printing Future Days (Fig.1).

Number of attendees during the proceedings

Fig. 1: Development of the number of attendees

Figure 2 shows the development of the contributions in the proceedings. The contribution in the proceeding is fluctuating over the years due to a higher amount of keynote presentations (without full paper submission in the proceeding) and a high quality review process.

Number of contributions in the proceedings

Fig. 2: Development of the number of the contributions in the proceedings

International renowned senior scientists evaluate all submitted papers and assign them to the categories focal paper, oral presentation and interactive paper.

Similar to the development of submitted contributions, the origin of the attendees is an indicator for the internationality which is targeted by the conference.

Moreover, we were glad to welcome participants from the USA in 2007, from Israel in 2009, from Canada in 2011 and Thailand in 2013. The international focus of the Printing Future Days is also reflected in the following Figure 3 illustrating the distribution of contributions to the last conference in 2015 in percent. The classification of participants attending the Printing Future Days 2015 can be seen from Figure 4. More than three-fourths of the contributors have been junior researchers who held discussions with scientists and industrial representatives.


Origin of the contributions in the conference proceedings 2015

Figure 3: Origin of the contributions in the conference proceedings 2015

Classification of attendees from PFD´s 2015

Figure 4: Classification of attendees from PFD´s 2015